Why use our advertising services?

We provide quality website traffic from more than 11000 publishers that run our ads. Using our system you will receive only real visitors.Using our targeting options you can create super targeted traffic campaigns.

Fast Support

Our team will help you for questions and problems.In working hours we answer in most 1 hour.

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Super Targeted Options

You can target campaign by country,category and OS.Also our team can help you to create a campaign.

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Best CPM Price

WebsTraffic offer big discounts for campaigns with more than 200,000 visitors.For more details contact us.

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Promote to Social Platforms

Promote your website to Facebook,Reddit,Pinterest and more. Receive quality visitors for your business.

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About Our Company

WebsTraffic is a advertising network that give access our clients to millions of visits generated by our ad network using popunder ads and interstitials. Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 11500 websites internet wide, including 2 established search engines, 1 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites. Our network now consists of 80% pop-under traffic and 20% interstitial traffic.

Category Target

Target your campaign by category.We have more than 250 categories.You will receive visitors from category you choose.

Country Target

Target your campaign by country.We have more than 60 countries.You will receive visitors from country you choose.

Report Statistics

You will receive login details for your campaign to see traffic statistics.

Buy Website Traffic

Using regular traffic you can create a campaign for desktop websites.Buy website traffic from $15.

Buy Adult Traffic

You can promote adult offers or advertise your own adult site. If your content has explicit material you can use our adult traffic.

Buy Mobile Traffic

Now you can target your campaign to mobile devices.Using our mobile traffic you can target campaign by country,category and OS.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your visitors are real?

Absolutely, all our visitors are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that we have direct access to.

Your traffic is safe for Adsense?

Google provides a detailed list of instances that are not accepted by the AdSense program. According to Google’s TOS our service is in 100% compliance with their TOS and therefor deemed to be AdSense safe.

When my campaign start?

In working hours your campaign start in same day.In week-ends can take up to 24 hours.

Can i control my campaign?

Yes.After you purchase a traffic campaign you will receive login details where you can monitor traffic and control campaign.

Your traffic convert?

Conversions will depend entirely on how well your website performs as a full page pop under and your targeting selection.

Can i track visitors with Google Analitycs?

GA only reads visits that use a 1st party cookie. Our system sets 3rd party cookies due to our tracking features, that GA can not read. While GA will pick upa small amount of visitors, it is not the preferred method. We advise all clients to us the Goo.gl tracking service to insure accuracy.

How many visitors you can send daily?

For website traffic we can send up to 250,000 visits/day and for mobile traffic we can send up to 1500 visits/day.

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