If you have an online business or blog it is important to attract as many visitors as possible. You can have the best services or products but if you are not visible online you will not make any sales.When you start an online business or when you open a blog is very difficult especially when you do not have a big budget for advertising and SEO. A SEO optimization campaign can cost from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per month, which can be a very high cost for the allocated budget.

A solution for cheap advertising is pop under targeted traffic. Using this type of ad, your site will be displayed to a targeted audience depending on country, category, and OS.In this way, your website will be displayed to people who are interested in your content.

Starting with $ 15, you can get 5000 quality visitors who can turn into customers or subscribers. Pop under traffic can be a great source of advertising, especially if you have an attractive landing page. Also, if you have a mobile content website or an app, this type of traffic is a very good option for advertising. You can target by OS(Android or IOS) country and category.

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