Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, all our visitors are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that we have direct access to.


If you buy website traffic in working hours, campaign will start in same day.In week-ends can take up to 24 hours.

Conversions will depend entirely on how well your website performs as a full page and your targeting selection.

For website traffic we can send up to 250,000 visits/day and for mobile traffic we can send up to 60,000 visits/day.

Yes.After you purchase a traffic campaign you will receive login details where you can monitor traffic and control campaign.

We use the URL shortener service for all websites submitted, offer a nice clean interface with daily visitor, referral, and location data.

Our native traffic is fully trackable in Google Analytics, GetClicky and virtually any other tracking system available online today.

Using third party trackers like Google Analytics only for our Pop Under advertising options will result in only a small percentage of visitors being logged (our ad servers).

This is a common issue with pop under advertising.


We offer 2 types of traffic currently.

Native Traffic – This is traffic that can be targeted by niche and USA for small campaigns. For campaigns with more that 30k visitors can be targeted by OS/Browser and for campaigns with 100k+ visitors you can target any country.

Pop Under Traffic – This traffic is from pop under and interstitials ads and can be targeted by country and category.

For native traffic we use with our ad server different feeds to delivery clicks for customers campaigns. That redirect links are from our ad server feeds.

You can see differences between the statistics, but we will reset the account statistics until you have the same number of visitors.

If you want to target native traffic for OS/Browser you must create a campaign with at least 30k visitors.

If you want to target native traffic for OS/Browser and Country you must create a campaign with at least 100k visitors.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Us Protection Status