Check website traffic Google using smart online tools

Every webmaster that have a blog or website must use a online tool to check their website traffic. IF you know how many visitors you have, from which countries  and on what pages spend more time you can optimize better your content.

There are many online platform to check website traffic from Google and many of them are free. Below you can see best free platforms to track your visitors.

Google Analitycs

Is the best free online platform that help you to track visitors. Have many option and you can create custom reports, see desktop and mobile traffic,bounce rate, visit duration, platforms..etc. Most of webmasters use that platform to check website traffic Google because is a Google product and have some features that on other platforms are only for paid members.

check website traffic google
Check website traffic from Google using best free platform.



Matomo is a unique analytic platform. It’s built with privacy in mind, but it’s not a hosted solution. Google Analytics just requires that you verify your site and install their code. Matomo is self-hosted, which means you need to have the actual analytics engine running on a server somewhere, specifically in an account you own. You don’t have to worry about a third party company accessing or controlling your data, but you do have to worry about keeping your data accessible and secure.

check traffic online
Check website traffic with Matomo


Because Clicky is so limited, it’s not complicated.It can connect to YouTube platform to get some video analytics, but those analytics don’t offer anything that YouTube itself doesn’t. It has keyword tracking, but limited on-site tracking of visitors and sessions. A lot of its best features are, of course, hidden behind the paywall by being part of the Pro version.

While this all sounds like a detriment, it can be looked at as a blessing; those features it does have are all simple and presented front and center. You can learn them all and figure out most of their intricacies in a matter of minutes.

Check Website Traffic With Clicky
Start monitorize your online visitors using Clicky


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